Dispatching & Load Planning

We specialize in coordinating loads for van, flatbeds, reefers, hotshots, step decks and power only for owner operators and small fleets. Cigno can help you optimize your revenue by saving time and lowering your dispatch costs. We have the resources, technology, and capacity to meet your needs.


Our skilled dispatchers will help you stay on the road without headache by looking through endless loads and call all the possibilities, so you don’t have to. Dispatchers will handle the back and forth with the brokers to negotiate the best possible rate for you, get detentions, quick pay, truck order not used, stop offs. Our strength:

  • Experienced and dedicated personal dispatcher
  • Regular dispatch
  • No forced dispatch and hidden payments
  • Load Search/Booking
  • Broker/carrier packages and set-up paperwork
  • Load rate negotiations
  • Best freight rates
  • Trip coordination
  • Driver directions assistance
  • True route planning
  • Market trend analysis
  • Broker credit checks
  • Roadside/maintenance support
  • Develop dedicated Lanes
  • Competitive dispatching rates






24/7/365 customer service

Night, Holiday and/or Weekend Support is a constant problem for trucking and small dispatch companies. At Cigno Logistics we employ dedicated weekend and night operations staff, trained to the same level of expertise as our weekday team. Their experience allows us to maintain the same level of customer service 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Our customers always receive the same premium level of service quality regardless of when they contact us


At Cigno we ensure we meet the most rigorous performance standards—every shipment, every time. Our professionals become an extension of your team, focusing on delivering the results you desire. You enjoy responsive service and clear, open, timely communication.




Administrative Services

We pride ourselves on our commitment to client care. Part of this is knowing the ins and outs of the trucking industry, which includes industry standards and regulatory requirements. When we prepare, file, and manage trucking documentation, we are diligent, accurate, and ensure that everything that needs to be in the paperwork is there. We take your success very seriously – because your success is our success too.


There are stringent requirements for paperwork, compliance with SAFETY/DOT and other regulations, and insurance. That’s why we cover everything:


  • Creating company & filing Certificate of Incorporation
  • MC Authority, W9, Insurance
  • 2290
  • Title for tractor and trailer registration
  • Handling all necessary faxes and paperwork, including rate confirmations & PODs
  • Reporting IFTA
  • Helping you to be fully compliant with all tax laws and regulations
  • IRP & DOT audit assistance
  • HOS & ELD training & assistance
  • Driver logs training & assistance
  • Maintaining mileage reports
  • Helping in insurance claims
  • Safety compliance
  • Maintaining driver qualification files
  • MVR, PSP, Background checks
  • Clearinghouse setup
  • Drug test booking assistance
  • Random Drug Tests setup
  • Drawing performance reports



Accounting Services

Truck driver accounting doesn’t need to be confusing. With Cigno, you just drive while we handle the rest. We will also do your billing for you, which will either be your invoicing or provide your factoring company with the correct paperwork. We help in:

  • Hands-off process for drivers
  • Handling rate confirmations & bill of ladings
  • Invoicing, accounting, billing
  • Layover, detention, stop-off, driver assist charges recovery
  • Unused Truck Order assistance
  • Troubleshooting and money claiming
  • Collection Assistance